Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Titan Poker Fort Knox

Win 6 Fort Knox - Jackpot Sit 'n' Go tournaments in a row and you'll win a jackpot starting at $50,000.

The Fort Know is a 6 man Sit 'n' Go with a buy in of $50 + $9.  If you manage to win 6 in a row, not only will you win the prize money from each tournament, but Titan Poker will reward you with a bonus starting at $50,000. $10,000 is added to the jackpot for every week there is no winner. 

If a player manages to come first or second in 6 consecutive Fort Knox tournaments, Titan Poker will reweard the player with $750.

Any player that manages to win 6 consecutive or comes first or second in 6 consecutive Fort Know tournaments, email Titan Poker support to receive your jackpot. 

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