Sunday, January 31, 2010

Free Gambling Money - How to Get Played to Play

Gambling sites are fighting to get your business.  They are willing to go as far as to give you free money to come try out their site.  It may seem to good to be true, but it’s as simple as registering, making your first deposit, then meeting the minimum wagering requirements to clear the bonus.  Theses bonuses can range from just $25 up to $5000 and in some cases no deposit on your part is even required.

So the next question is how can you get free money to gamble with.  If you do a search for “Betfair bonus code” or “bwin bonus code”, you will find hundreds of sites advertising bonus codes.  Try similar searches for all major gambling sites and you will find similar results.  The codes that these affiliate sites are offering can then be entered as your promotion code when registering with the gambling site.

Be sure to read the terms with the bonus.  Some sites will require you to make a deposit before receiving any type of bonus, others will give you a small amount of money just to try the site out.  Usually poker bonuses require a deposit and you must complete wagering requirements before the bonus is cleared, but these bonuses can be upwards of $5000.  Casino and sports betting bonuses are usually a small amount around $25 to $50, but are given up front with no restrictions, just to try the site out.

Don’t just look for the biggest bonus and sign up.  Take the time to look into the requirements of the bonus.  Bigger does not always mean better here. Requirements will differ from site to site as does the method of release.  Some sites will only release the bonus in one lump sum after the playing requirements are met.  Other sites will release the bonus in increments.  Investigate the requirements and bonus release method, then decide which bonus best fits how often you play. 

Finally, always be sure you are depositing with a site you feel safe with.  Go with sites that are well established and have secure methods to deposit and withdraw your money.  You are always better off depositing on a well known site like Full Tilt Poker, Betfair and bwin.

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